My first book:

More than just knowing about God.


By S.R. Greenfield

Beach Town

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Mountain Ridge


Indicators of Spiritual Wisdom

Think of a sensor, gauge, or device that communicates whether or not something is there or not there; on or off. There are Spiritual Wisdom Indicators in us all, and you can tell if you have it or don't have it, with discernment from God.

Attributes of Spiritual Wisdom

Discover the attributes that paint a picture of an individual's personal character, ethics, principles, and  moral compass.

Perspective of Spiritual Wisdom

There are many angles and points-of-view you can consider. Spiritual Wisdom can look pointless to many people, but those who seek it find treasures beyond belief. Trust me, I had to write a book about it.

Benefits of Spiritual Wisdom

We all want a reward, profit, gain, advantage from something. But have you ever considered your Spiritual Wisdom to be the greatest, most powerful investment you could ever make.

I'll tell you why... in the book.

Concrete Wall

From the Author:

S.R. Greenfield

I grew up watching so many churches miss the boat, and fail to be the church, because they were so focused on playing church. So many Christians fall short, and get it wrong. I'm not saying I'm perfect, or I know best. I am saying pride comes before the fall. If we aren't humble before others with love, we end up damaging lost and saved souls.


We are the body of Christ. Jesus left us two directives. 

  • A New Command (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and Strength; and Love one another as I have loved you.)

  • A New Commission (Go and make disciples in all nations, teaching them to obey everting I have commanded you; baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Moreover, He reminds us that God has given Him all authority in heaven and on earth; and that Jesus himself Is with us always, until the very end the age.

Luke 9:62 'Any man putting his hands to the plow, and looking back, is unfit for the kingdom." So I'm here to carry your cross with you.'


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